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We sent over 8,000 texts in the first hour, at which point the client called and suspended the campaign as “already successful."
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What is Envoi?

Envoi is an SMS platform that allows you to identify, contact and chat with supporters and your community.

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Why SMS?

Phones are the next advertising and acquisition platform - cutting out the Big Tech social media gatekeepers

Have real conversations with real supporters with direct access to the new inbox and newsfeed
SMS has a 98% read rate as opposed to 20% for email


Political and non-profit

  • Identify hard supporters
  • Drive constituent calls to thank or pressure lawmakers
  • GOTV, fundraising and event recruitment

People who receive text messages with candidate or district specific issues are 8.2% more likely to vote


  • Sign-up subscribers and deliver articles and newsletters
  • Build community
  • Writers and editors can have conversations with readers

Publishers on average convert 18% of SMS sign-ups to paid subscriptions

Market research and polling

  • Send polls
  • Conduct polls
  • Identify new pools of respondents

Typical response rates are around 10%, saving you thousands of dollars over phone calls

How it works

Import your audiences or have Envoi find new audiences for you
Send messages using different parameters and messages
Interact with your audience via our chat tool
Export any data or reports you need

Why Envoi?

Envoi delivers

  • Envoi is available as a self-serve platform or can be fully-managed by the Envoi team
  • Envoi can find and create universes of people to prospect, or you can bring your own audience with you
  • Envoi can save you pp to 30% savings on new user and supporter acquisition costs:

    • Facebook: $18.68
    • Google: $59.18
    • Envoi: $8-$12